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Anytime that you complain about believing your employer is discriminating against you in the workplace, you have a right not to be retaliated against. Retaliation can also occur when you complain on behalf of others who are being discriminated against. 

Retaliation can take many forms, including disciplinary action, reduction in hours, reduction in pay, demotion, and termination. To put it plainly, as stated by the United States Supreme Court, retaliation is anything that would cause an employee to be discouraged from complaining about a violation that is occurring in the workplace.

Further, state and federal laws protect employees who "blow the whistle" regarding a perceived or actual violation of law that affects the public. This can include those who complain on behalf of students who may be suffering from a criminal wrongdoing at school, or a complaint about another workers' illegal treatment towards students. If you work for a government agency and believe you were terminated for complaining about a violation of law, act fast, because you only have a one year statute of limitations period to protect your rights. 

If you have complained to your employer, and are suffering some form of adverse action by your employer, then call Meredith at (404) 618-3838 or email her at for assistance. 

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